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ISBN 1 897940 72 6 (paper) ISBN 1 897940 78 5 (case) Printed and Bound by Deluxe Printers, London, website: : [email protected] de~Table of Contents Preface iii General and Historical Terms 1 General Terms 3 Units of Weight and Measurement 26 Arabic Expressions 28 Historical Terms 32 Some Notable Historians 5 1 Some Early Historical Sources 56 Eschatology 60 Terms relating to Morals and Ethics 66 Specific Topics 7 1 The Qur’an Terms related to Qur’anic recitation or tafsir 73 t Prophets, places and people mentioned in the Qur’an 81 Qur’anic commentators (mufassiriiri) 87 Some Classical Tafs Trs of the Qur’an 92 Qira’at of the Qur’an 93 Hadith 95 Hadith Terminology 97 Some Important people in the field of Hadith 105 Major Collections of Hadith 1 12 Traditional Ranking of Hadith Collections 115 Fiqh General Terms used in Fiqh Usui al-Fiqh terms 116 131 Business Terms 143 Inheritance Terms 152 Hajj Terms 155 Some Important Fuqaha’ 161 The Maliki Madhhab 1 6 1 Some Major Maliki fuqaha ’ 161 Some Important Maliki texts 165 The Hanafi Madhhab 1 66 * Some Major Hanafi fuqaha’ 167 Some Hanafi Texts 168 * The Shaf Ti Madhhab 170 Some Major Shafi‘i ftiqaha ’ 170 Some Shaf Ti Texts 173 The Hanbali Madhhab 174 Some Major Hanbali fuqaha * 174 Some Hanbali Texts 176 « Other Madhhabs 177 Terms used in Kalam and Philosophy 179 Some Major figures in Kalam and early Muslim philosophy 196 Terms used in Sufism 203 Some major Tarfqas 229 Some famous Sufi texts 232 Some famous Sufis 235 Index of Subjects^ 25 1 Index of People and Books 279 Preface The inspiration for this book came about largely as the result of the necessity of having to compile glossaries for a number of books.

dhanb (plural dhunub ): wrong action, sin, dhimma: obligation or contract, in particular a treaty of protection for non-Muslims living in Muslim territory.

al-amr bi T-ma‘ruf wa’n-nahy ‘an al-munkar: promotion of good and prevention of evil. arak: a tree from which siwak (tooth brush) is made. ‘Ashura*: the 10th day of Muharram, the first month of the Muslim lunar calendar. al-Asma’ al-Husna: the Most Beautiful Names, meaning the Ninety- nine Names of Allah. 4 General ‘awamir: certain snakes living in houses which are actually jinn. ‘awra: the private parts, the parts of the person which it is indecent to expose in public.

This is a duty for all Muslims which is prescribed in the Qur’an. For a man, it is what is between the navel and the knee, and for a free woman, all except the face and hands. It literally means “sign” and also refers to the signs that one sees in Creation.

ba‘th: the quickening or bringing the dead back to life at the end of the world. batul: ascetic and chaste, detached from worldly things and devoted to Allah.

It is a title used for both Fatima (the Prophet’s daughter) and Maryam. 5 bedug bedug: a drum used in Indonesia to call people to the prayer in forested areas where the voice does not carry. “the Cloak” , meaning the mantle of the Prophet, the name of a popular poem written in praise of the Prophet by al-Busiri. Calendar, Muslim: a lunar calendar whose months are: Muharram, Safar, Rabx‘ al-Awwal, Rabl‘ ath-Thani, Jumada al-Ula, Jumada al- Akhira, Rajab, Sha‘ban, Ramadan, Shawwal, Dhu T-Qa‘da, Dhu’l- Hijja.

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Some state that the Roman emperors were called the ‘sons of Sufar’ and that the Israelites say that this is Sophar, son of Eliphaz son of Esau. Banu Israeli: the tribe of Israel, the children or descendants of Israel or Ya‘qub.

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