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A bank with a quick turn around can open an account and provide a card, cheque book and PIN (to collect from the branch) within a week.As well as the standard documentation, you may have to prove that you are not resident by providing a certificate of non-residency ().Many banks have websites and phone services, and a few even offer these in English.

Students, young people (30 or under) and those over 55 may also qualify for discounts.You must inform the bank should you become resident, which is defined as spending 183 or more days per year in Spain, or having a business or employment based in Spain or a spouse or minor child who are resident in Spain.Opening a Spanish bank account after you've arrived It's best to visit the bank of your choice in person and request an account.To get one, you have to apply at a Spanish police station and the process typically takes 10 days.As a result, this option is primarily useful for those who spend a significant chunk of time in Spain but are normally resident elsewhere.

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These are split into two types: are state owned, and are often very local.