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Sarmento, and Julia Pine, some of whom never came to California. That is where he first met DELPHINA CONSTANTINA SILVA, who later was to become his wife. he went by train to Sacramento, where he had friends.

King and Laurin-da bought and farmed the property on Jefferson Boulevard adjacent to the Pheasant Club, and raised six children: Louise, Loretta, Suzanne, Karen, Steven, and Kevin. The senior Joaquim Sarmento was one of five children: Manuel, Antonio, Mary Perry, Joe A. As a young man he worked on his parents' land and also would go to the island of Sao Jorge as a stonemason working on roads and houses.

After three days of this he said to his employer in broken English, ·Me worked three days, me wants three dollars." The employer gave him three kicks in the rear and sent him on his way.

He also drove a four-horse stagecoach carrying mail and passengers.

Around 1902 they moved to the Clarksburg area, where they farmed and had a small dairy on the Lennox ranch, adjacent to where Antone's brother John also farmed and had a dairy.

Around 1906, sometime after the Edwards levee break on the Sacramento side of the river, Antone bought 102 acres of swamp land in the Pocket, in an area full of tulies and brush.

In 1906 Manuel went to work for Friend & Terry Lumber Co., working there for about seven years.

Joe and Mary were the parents of two daughters, Gloria Dias, and Hilda, who first married Art Neves and then married Elmer Gomes.

In addition to fishing commercially, Manuel did miscellaneous farm labor. They had first met in Sao Jorge, and she had gone to Half Moon Bay in 1906 to be with her brother, John Silva.

Later he bought 30 acres in West Sacramento east of Jefferson Boulevard, about a mile from where the Pheasant Club sits today. LEAL of Sao Roque, Pico, one of three daughters of Antonio Leal, whose wife was a Da Rosa. After their marriage Manuel took his wife to the town of Freeport where they shared a houseboat on the west side of the Sacramento River with another couple. In 1896 an opportunity arose for one of the Sequeiras to go to the U. As Manuel, age 17, was the oldest of the three boys in the family and could start working as soon as he arrived in America, he was allowed to go. Being alone, with very little money, and not speaking or understanding any English gave Manuel many frustrating experiences during his trip.

Antonio Leal was the brother of Leonor Jacinto Leal who married Antonio J. At this time Manuel made his living in a commercial fishing partnership, selling mostly salmon and catfish. When buying food he would hold out money for the vendor to take what was necessary to pay for what he had purchased.

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In addition to fishing commercially, Manuel did miscellaneous farm labor.

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