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"You show me money," was the stock counter response.Time was when swindled tourists would camp outside Hong Kong camera stores waving placards and demanding justice – while bored shop attendants picked their teeth – much to the amusement of passersby and newspaper reporters.In the clip, which has since gone viral on social media, the man appears to calmly walk behind the woman.Without any provocation, he then savagely pushes the woman onto train tracks below.And with 45,000 recorded complaints in 2008/2009 but just around 25,098 in 2016, it appears to be working.

Tame is for old-fogey discount stores in Penang or Hawai.Ms Leung was taken to hospital with bone fractures on her left elbow and a laceration on her chin.The police caught the suspect at Choi Uk Tsuen 20 minutes later after receiving a report of a drunk man lying on a public street.This is a shopper mad Mecca where everything and anything goes - swindles, bait-and-switch scams, I-don't-speak-English rebuffs and, on occasion, inordinately polite shop owners who let you browse completely unmolested.I recall being turfed out of a Mongkok camera store 30 years ago when I first arrived in Hong Kong because I had the temerity to ask to see the Nikon I was supposed to be buying.

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Luckily, all incoming trains were stopped by the station staff in time.

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