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shares his latest, a smart, laugh-out-loud novel that will speak to anyone who's struggled to be "honestly ____________" in some part of their lives. He's working steadily in his classes at the Natick School. He's even won a full scholarship to college, if he can keep up his grades.All that foolishness with Rafe Goldberg the past semester is in the past. There's Hannah, the gorgeous girl from the neighboring school, who attracts him and distracts him. Communities of religious women have existed in the Catholic Church since at least 200 AD – and maybe even earlier! Paul’s first letters to the Corinthians -35 and to Timothy 5:9-15.) Each religious order was founded to meet the needs of the Church of a particular time and place.Others are still around today, bearing the mark of the time and place they were founded.And there's Rafe, funny, kind, dating someone else .

(Other congregations call it Postulancy, Candidacy, etc.) It is a time of deepening discernment to help discover your vocation.

Some orders taught mostly upper-middle class students in academies; others taught poor or working-class students – many of these students entered the order whose sisters taught them.

Some orders did mostly teaching; some did mostly nursing; others did all sorts of ministries.

This is a time of gettting to know the community at various levels.

It might include live-in experiences or retreat weekends.


The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati call this time "Pre-Entrance" and it generally lasts for 12 months.