Roaring forties online dating

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Roaring forties online dating

I totally rebuilt this SX-28 and the performance is incredible.

It is an excellent example of the very early SX-28 production.

This article provides a detailed history of the SX-28 production and how it evolved during WWII to become the SX-28A.

~ Dating your SX-28 by Serial Number ~ Estimated Production Figures ~ Serial Number Log ~ Engineering & Production Changes ~ ~ Restoration Methods & Suggestions ~ ~ Performance Expectations ~ Competition Comparisons ~The SX-28 is one of those receivers that just about every ham has a passionate opinion about.

No other communications receiver, even those that are better performers, has such a dedicated following.

Also shown on page two is the Jensen-Hallicrafters R-12 bass reflex speaker, an option that was available for .50.

The text also mentions that a receiver with all of the features of the SX-28 could sell for as much as 0.00 but Hallicrafters' price of 9.50 was ",...figured on a slide-rule." - about two months after the SX-28 introduction and most likely from the second production run.

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Shown to the left and below are pages two, three and four of the multi-page advertisement in July 1940 QST that announced the SX-28.

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