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Shack up dating

When wrestling with selection versus causality (not my topic today), it’s useful to think clearly about what a person has or does not have control over. If a person could behave differently, and choose one option over another that is on a less risky path, that behavior is causally related to the quality of life. I think (with important exceptions) that people can make choices that improve their odds in love and marriage if they understand what is risky and why.

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Consider the following research findings—findings based on many excellent studies: These are solid research findings but you should know that there are different possible explanations for them.

Some aspects of risk associated with cohabitation are due to what social scientists call selection effects.

On the other hand, these findings I list above surely reflect some aspects of risk that are causal.

That is, at times, a person can make a choice (like not to move in with a particular partner at a particular time) that improves their odds of eventually having a lasting, satisfying marriage—which may well be with someone other than the person they decided not to move in with.

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The headlines above were sparked by a study just published in the . Predicting dating relationship stability from four aspects of commitment.

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