Weight loss camps for adults in south carolina

Posted by / 21-Jun-2017 08:34

Weight loss camps for adults in south carolina

You get one-on-one workouts with an experienced personal trainer.

We use the latest technology to track your BMI and monitor your progress.

When people think of a “fat camp” they often imagine someplace dull and dreary.

But, that’s not what we offer at Camp Technique (Live In Fitness).

Our chefs and nutritionists provide five-star meals that are as healthy as they are tasty.

We have trained psychologist on staff who help your understand your relationship to your body and promote a positive self-image that helps you not only lose weight, but keep it off-and live healthier in the long term.

We use the latest scientific testing to determine the best workout program for you, and we monitor your progress so you lose as much weight as possible-without putting your health at risk.

You also stay in your own apartment, not stuck in a small hotel room like you would be at other fitness camps .

Unlike other fitness camps , we are private and exclusive and don’t share facilities with anyone else.

You will be treated like an honored guest during your stay here, while you become healthier in a beautiful setting surrounded by world-class accommodations.

Many people who come to Camp Technique (Live In Fitness)have never been in good shape.

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Our trained staff provides one-on-one attention to all our guests.